7 Creative Ways To Recruit Employees

Open positions saturate today’s job market, so job seekers can be picky about which positions they apply for and accept. To compete, your company should start using creative ways to recruit employees.

What Are Some Creative Ways To Recruit Employees?

It is not enough to advertise in the local paper or put a “help wanted” sign in your company window. With so many available jobs out there, you need to get the attention of potential candidates. Look for creative and unconventional ways to attract the best-qualified candidates for your open positions.

1. Freshen Up Your Career Page

In addition to open positions, try including some information about your company’s culture and employees. Add employee testimonial videos or quotes to provide insight into what it would be like to work for your company.

2. Utilize Social Media

Share details about your company culture and advertise jobs on social media sites. Be creative and post some fun videos. Include catchy phrases and colorful images to draw attention to meaningful content. Think outside the box, but keep it professional.

3. Recruit Virtually

With the increase of remote employees, geographical boundaries have lifted. Why not recruit outside your area? There are many creative ways to recruit employees, including:

  • Virtual job fairs
  • Online hiring happy hours
  • College alumni newsletters and job boards

4. Offer Different Ways To Communicate

In the past, when an applicant applied for a job, the recruiting process would occur via telephone, email, snail mail or face-to-face. Other options, such as text messaging and video calls, now exist. As part of your job application, ask how the candidate would like to receive updates. Maybe they prefer text messages, or perhaps an email would work best for them. Consider using video to conduct interviews since this can save time and money on travel costs.

5. Use a Chatbot

Chatbots can handle many of the questions applicants might ask. Use them to engage early on and help direct candidates to open positions on your career page that might interest them.

6. Increase Referral Bonuses

An easy way to increase the number of applicants for an open position is to up your referral bonuses. Companies have had great success with people referred to them by current employees. Employee referrals stay longer and work hard.

7. Reengage Former Employees

Past employees are great candidates for open positions at your company, provided that they had a good experience while working and off-boarding. If there are people who used to work for you that you left the door open for if they wanted to return, reach out to them if you feel they would be a good fit again.

What’s Next Now That You Know Some Creative Ways To Recruit Employees?

Get out there and start finding qualified candidates now that you know a few creative ways to recruit employees. Whether you are a longtime employer or just starting your business, Benjamin Naderi can help. Reach out to learn more about growing your business.








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