Value of a Business Consultant

Exploring the Value of a Business Consultant

Starting a business can be a daunting venture, yet it is a cornerstone of achieving the American Dream. So much thoughtful work is needed long before you hang out your proverbial shingle. Even then, studies show that a high percentage of businesses close before they reach the 10-year mark. Investing in a business consultant at any stage of the venture can yield immediate and long-term dividends.

The U.S. Small Business Association advises prospective entrepreneurs to invest heavily in the planning stages and notes that developing a workable business plan is an essential step. A knowledgeable consultant can make the difference between a business that is ascending, stuck in a holding pattern or declining.

What Is a Business Consultant?

A skilled consultant is a professional who works in concert with business owners or managers to improve and refine particular aspects of the enterprise. The consultant examines obstacles that might prevent the business from realizing maximum profits. These advisors help facilitate healthy business strategies and mitigate the chances of failure or a move in the wrong direction.

What Skill Set Does a Business Consultant Offer?

A proficient consultant is somebody who has loads of disparate experiences and who has the mindset to learn from each of them, good and bad. In addition, good consultants can articulate those lessons to their clients. A capable business consultant has many important strengths:

  • The ability to both lead and work as part of a team
  • The understanding to apply objective analysis based on research and applicable experiences
  • The skill to discuss the uncomfortable
  • The competence to offer a detailed analysis of different aspects of the business
  • The talent to think creatively and innovatively

When Should You Retain a Business Consultant?

There are many different events in which hiring a consultant makes sense. Some folks effectively team up with an advisor as they are creating the business. Others wait until particular moments arise when some external circumstance or other provides the impetus to do so. A business consultant might be hired in any number of scenarios.

When It Is Crunch Time

Sometimes you can find yourself locked into a project with a quickly approaching deadline, and you might not feel you have enough time to do the proper research or planning to succeed. A consultant recruited from a relevant field can mitigate these issues by offering guidance, thus hastening your process and improving the odds of success.

When Your Business Stops Growing

Business always comes down to the bottom line. If yours isn’t growing along the expected trajectory, and you’re unsure why this is so or how to improve it, consultants can bring objectivity to the situation, as well as their own unique business experiences.

When You Lose Perspective

There are so many things to focus on when you’re running a business. From keeping up with trends in the field, marketing your products and services, and analyzing the financials, many things consistently tug at your mind from different directions. Good consultants can provide analytics for different dimensions of the business, interpret the data and advise on the direction the business should move in. 

What Does a Business Consultant Do?

Consultants like Ben Naderi offer many services to their clients. They are hired because the clients simply do not have the resources or proper staff to address issues imperative to the success of the business. In a real way, they are foils to neglect. They help maintain and improve operations by examining each part of the business that falls within their professional knowledge and experience. Here are some of the responsibilities typically associated with business consultants:

  • Develop detailed business plans
  • Organize and assign business projects
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns
  • Meet with clients to assess particular dimensions of the business
  • Establish new recruiting platforms
  • Review financial statements
  • Oversee the fulfillment of particular goals
  • Improve the bottom line

What Different Services Are Offered by a Business Consultant?

Good consultants offer many specialized services. When retaining a business consultant, you should consider the range of experience in various aspects of business:

  • Customer acquisition and strategies
  • Marketing approaches
  • Best practices
  • Strategic branding
  • Client experience
  • Sales skills and leadership
  • Pricing structure
  • B2B marketing
  • Consumer market growth
  • Product development

How Do You Find a Good Business Consultant?

When looking for a sound choice for the consultant role, there are several things to consider. You’ll need somebody to address particular issues your business is facing, for which there are presently no answers. If you think that marketing is your biggest concern, you can inquire about somebody who specializes in that realm of consulting. 

When looking for the right fit for your organization, consider the contenders’ educational backgrounds, resumes and any certificates obtained in your field of business. Meet with the candidates to explore the dynamics and to learn how their minds work in solving business problems. You’re looking for folks who enjoy the challenges associated with using their knowledge to help repair things. You’ll want to make sure they keep current with their skills even if they boast ample hands-on experience.

Why Is Retaining a Business Consultant a Good Idea?

Retaining a consultant is not just an excellent idea for a singular reason, but it could provide resolutions for a number of scenarios your organization is experiencing. Inviting somebody to examine your business — behind the curtain — can feel like a brave decision. It is imperative, though, to remember that your bottom line is the bottom line. A good consultant can often come in and observe enough things in a week to begin offering substantial, transformative insights. In a way, consultants are the traveling doctors of the business world, offering potential cures to their clients’ business woes. 

Starting a small business takes a lot of thought. A perceptive business consultant can help reshape a situation so you see it in a different, more efficient or profitable way. Reach out to Benjamin Naderi today for a consultation to see how you can work together to develop a custom strategy for the success of your enterprise. 


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